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Spam Filter for Winmail Mail Server

The Winmail mail server deserves the best anti spam filter on the market and that is without a doubt the SPAMfighter Mail Gateway. You can install SPAMfighter on your own server or you can use our hosted solution. Both solutions are the most effective and easy-to-use spam filters for protecting the Winmail mail server against spam and phishing fraud. Take a closer look at the two spam filter solutions below and have your Winmail mail server protected in no time.

SPAMfighter Mail Gateway

SPAMfighter Mail Gateway integrates perfectly with the company's existing e-mail infrastructure to secure the company e-mail environment. It is easy to install and use with no daily maintenance tasks needed. SPAMfighter Mail Gateway is based on SPAMfighter's unique world-wide community with over 8 million users.

30 days free trial

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SPAMfighter Mail Gateway is the easy-to-use anti-spam solution for servers. It protects all of your users from time consuming spam and is installed in minutes. You can try it free for 30 days.

SPAMfighter Hosted Mail Gateway

SPAMfighter Hosted Mail Gateway, is the easy-to-use anti-spam solution for companies, organizations and individuals that have their own domain name. It protects all your users from time consuming spam and you are up and running in minutes.

30 days free trial

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Hosted Spam Filter for businesses and organizations

SPAMfighter is an Internationally recognized anti-spam company with users in 237 countries/areas and we now support 21 different languages.

The SPAMfighter community grows every day and we have 8,536,251 SPAMfighters from 237 countries/areas helping us fight spam:

You can also buy SPAMfighter in stores - find a reseller list here.

The SPAMfighter Community

SPAMfighter works with
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Windows Vista & Windows XP

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