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DRIVERfighter user reviews

Read comments and endorsements from DRIVERfighter users. They like DRIVERfigher and we bet you will too.

"I realized I had never updated my computer's drivers, nor did I even know I needed to. Neglecting to do this can cause slow performance and a host of other issues which I deal with on a daily basis."

Emily Slowiak
Moms Into Living Fit

"All you have to do is once a week, scan your computer. If there are any drivers that are out of date, DRIVERfighter will let you know and you click update and there are updated. I had a total of thirteen drivers that were out of date. No wonder this crazy computer doesn't want to work half the time".

Rita Hernandez
Rita's Reviews

"My ten-year-old back-up PC had 3000+ day old drivers according to a scan from DRIVERfighter. The scan only took about a minute and the updates - not more than ten, unlike anything I've ever seen before. Now I'm all up-to-date in a snap and I can look forward to this old thing working a WHOLE lot better".

Jasmine Powers

"This program does it all - it downloads and then installs the updates to all the drivers you have on your PC. The first day I did it, it updated a bazillian. Some things I just don't ever think about. Updating my drivers was definitely one of them".

Dina Demerest
My Unentitled Life

"Updating program drivers is one of those things which we know we should do, but probably won't bother with until there is a problem using a program. DRIVERfighter...aims to make this process as natural as running a virus scan, by streamlining the process with a click of a button".

Beeb Ashcroft
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