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+ The system scan has completed, how do I review and clean my system.

There are three main scans that FULL-DISKfighter for Mac (Beta) undertakes: Junk Scan - that looks for un-needed systems files, potentially un-needed language files and potentially un-needed program components; Duplicate Scan - that scans for duplicate files on your computer; and Files Finder - which scans for files over a certain size, defined by you. Once scans have completed, you can click on the icon for each scan to be presented with the results of the scan, which then allows you to select which files that you wish to delete.
+ Should I just select all files for deletion?

+ The little "1" ribbon shows the original file in duplicates, what do I do if I want to select a different file to keep, instead of the one presented?

+ What does the File Finder scan represent?

+ I'm a little lost after I've finished cleaning, what should I do?

+ FULL-DISKfighter Mac has only cleaned 25 of Mac, why is this?

+ I have purchased a license, but FULL-DISKfighter Mac still only cleans 25 files, why is this?

+ I never received a product key for FULL-DISKfighter, how do I get one?

+ How do I stop FULL-DISKfighter from doing a scan when I launch the program?

+ I've launched FULL-DISKfighter, and it's scanning, but it seems to take a bit of time, is this normal?

+ I've turned off auto-scanning, and the program has launched, what do I do?

+ FULL-DISKfighter Mac is scanning, and I've clicked the cancel button, but the scans carry on, why is this?

+ FULL-DISKfighter Mac shows that I have a lot of duplicates, why aren't they all pre-selected?

+ How do I buy FULL-DISKfighter Mac?

+ How do I insert the license key that you have sent me after buying FULL-DISKfighter Mac?

+ I've installed FULL-DISKfighter Mac, how do I now used it?

+ How do I install FULL-DISKfighter Mac?

+ The system scan has completed, how do I review what has been found and clean my system?

+ Why can't I just clean all that you've found with just one click?

+ Can I clean ANY files with FULL-DISKfighter Mac without purchasing the product?

+ What happens if I have deleted a file that I wish to have back?

+ How do i uninstall FULL-DISKfighter MAC?

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