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Run a Disk Defragmentation with FULL-DISKfighter - The Ultimate Disk Defrag Software

Fragmentation occurs when you make changes to your files by saving, changing, and deleting them. Files are not stored in organized and contiguous spaces on your hard disk. Instead, they are often spread around the disk in fragments. Your PC's performance slows down as your hard disk becomes fragmented.

FULL-DISKfighter is a disk defragmentation tool that will have your disk running faster and more efficiently. Defragging assembles the scattered parts of a file and stores them neatly in one complete piece in a cleared space. This is done with each and every file until the entire disk is defragmented - significantly improving your PC's performance.


  • Optimizes file system
    FULL-DISKfighter speeds up your PC, making it run smoother and more efficiently
  • Optional Quick Defrag
    Choose a full or a quick defragmentation
  • Full support
    FULL-DISKfighter supports both NTFS and FAT 16/32 systems
  • Smart defragmentation
    Uses less system resources and runs a faster defrag than similar defragmentation programs.
  • Faster Startup
    Important start-up files are arranged to improve boot and Windows start-up times
  • Safe and Secure
    Defragment your disks without any risk. Defragmentation can be done while the PC is in full use

Using FULL-DISK-fighter you also get two other cool features:

  • Duplicate File Manager
    Find and delete duplicate files that take up valuable hard disk space
  • Junk File Manager
    Find and delete unnecessary files such as temporary files, memory dumps, log files, and more

Looking for at Disk Defragger? Try FULL-DISK fighter and Defrag your Hard disk!

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