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Delete Duplicate Files Wasting Your Valuable Hard Disk Space with FULL-DISKfighter

Find and delete duplicate files with FULL-DISKfighter, the most accurate and fastest program of its kind. FULL-DISKfighter instantly scans your PC for duplicate files, and allows you to quickly delete them in an easy-to-use interface. Scan multiple file systems - folders, drives, removable storage devices, even network share drives - all with just a few clicks.

Duplicate files are easy to accumulate on your PC. Internet downloads, copying photos as well as MP3, video, and document files from different locations can produce duplicate files on your hard disk. Most of these files are redundant and unnecessary, wasting valuable space on your hard disk and slowing down your computer.

Why delete duplicate files?

  • Free-up valuable hard disk space
  • Keep a tidy and neat hard disk with our music and pictures in order
  • Reduce search times on your hard disk
  • Spyware and virus scanning will be considerably faster
  • Faster back-up requiring less storage allocation


  • Perform searches in specified folders and drives
  • You choose which duplicate files need to be deleted
  • Filter your search by file size, file type, created date, and more
  • When the scanning process is finished, you will see the full list of files, which were analyzed as well as the list of found duplicates. The duplicates will be marked and you will be able to delete them with a single mouse click.
  • Delete duplicate files with a single mouse click
  • After scanning, see a full list of analyzed files and a list duplicate files

Using FULL-DISK-fighter you also get two other cool features:

  • Disk Defragmenter for speeding up slow hard disks and optimizing the file system.
  • Unneccesary files finder for finding annoying files like temporary files, memory dumps, log files etc that clutter up your hard disk.

Duplicate File Removal - Remove Duplicate Files wasting Hard Disk Space

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