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Screenshots of FULL-DISKfighter

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The FULL-DISKfighter interface is quick and extremely simply to use and provides a preview to your hard-drive. To easily optimize and clean your hard drive, you can select any or all of the four valuable tools to run an comprehensive analysis.

Stay Organized!
FULL-DISKfighter allows you to easily monitor the usage on your hard drive with the simple Organizer tool that analyzes, defragments and re-organizes files to instantly provide you with more hard disk space.

Customize Your Own Scan
FULL-DISKfighter allows you to select areas to scan on your hard drive for files that you may want to remove such as old Windows files and log files. The progress will be shown in an easy to use interface.

Clean out the Garbage!
FULL-DISKfighter allows you to preview the large files that are taking up space on your hard drive. You have option to individually select each file or all files to clean from your hard disk. Remember that nothing is cleaned and removed without your consent!

Try a free scan and see how FULL-DISKfighter can recover free space on your full hard disk!

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