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+ I’ve lost my Master Password.  What can I do?

+ Why do I need a Master Password?

+ What is the difference between PASSWORDfighter and using the password saving feature of Internet Explorer or other web browsers?

PASSWORDfighter offers a number of benefits over the auto-complete and password saving features included in some web browsers. 

PASSWORDfighter allows you to save and use your passwords across all your web browsers, take a portable version with you for access to your accounts on-the-go, manage multiple accounts for the same site, store passwords for your favorite application, and much more

Also as important, PASSWORDfighter ensures that your passwords, accounts, and other private data are protected from unauthorized use.  Access to your browser’s saved passwords can be as easy to access as going into its preferences.  With PASSWORDfighter it’s safe to leave your computer unattended.

+ Can I export my passwords?

+ How do I change the automatic locking feature?

+ What is a secure or strong password?

+ What authorization method should I choose?

+ How does PASSWORDfighter protect me against phishing scams?

+ Can I import passwords from browsers or other password management programs into PASSWORDfighter?


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