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+ How do I install/download SLOW-PCfighter?

+ How do I uninstall SLOW-PCfighter?

+ Why should I use SLOW-PCfighter?

Registry errors can prevent your system from running smooth or starting up correctly. When ever you open ANY program, install a new program or uninstall a program, signatures from that program are stored in the Registry and this builds up. When Windows starts it has to go through the registry and the more information there is, the SLOWER your computer gets. SLOW-PCfighter is a tool that you can use safely and easily to delete unused signatures (keys), detect and repair the Registry errors and potentially prevent serious problems and performance issues on your Computer. Without regular Registry tuning, it is possible that your computer will not function normally, in fact it may even crash or not to be able to start up at some point.

+ SLOW-PCfighter will not scan or repair

+ Is there a free version of SLOW-PCfighter?

+ What is Windows Registry?

+ What is the difference between SLOW-PCfighter and FULL-DISKfighter

+ Is it possible to modify Windows Registry manually?

+ Where do I find Windows Registry?

+ Can I skip scanning of  specific registries and items?

+ How do I restore  my registry?

+ Can I schedule a scan?

+ Why do I have the same errors on my computer after several scans?

+ Why are only 25 errors fixed from all that were found?

+ Why do I see my old email address in SLOW-PCfighter's My Account?

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