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Free Exchange Server Disclaimers in Spam Filter for MS Exchange

Free Exchange Server Disclaimers in Spam Filter for MS Exchange

What is your company's policy for e-mail disclaimers and MS Exchange environment - and how do you practically enforce policies and disclaimers for each department?

Today, using e-mail in business is complex as e-mails are pivotal to each company, and messages sent by employees can be used against the company. Disclaimers are being used in an effort to avoid potential legal damages, as well as for other purposes such as creating corporate identity or banding. Virus and spam warnings are also included in outgoing message as an indication the company takes IT security seriously, with each outgoing mail being scanned.

How would you normally add disclaimers to Exchange?

One option would be to have your MS Exchange users add the disclaimers themselves, although this could in turn create the risk that the disclaimers may not added correctly. Another solution would be to use MS Exchange's own transport rules, testing, and debugging. An even better way - turn to SPAMfighter Exchange Module and bundle Exchange Server disclaimers with an award-winning anti-spam filter.

SPAMfighter Exchange Module offers free disclaimers for MS Exchange that can be used as follows:

  • Legal disclaimers
  • Promotional and branding disclaimers
  • Virus and anti-spam statement disclaimers
  • Disclaimers with social media links

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Besides free MS Exchange disclaimers, SPAMfighter Exchange Module also filters spam and viruses in your e-mails. SPAMfighter Exchange Module has been well-reviewed by many Exchange server experts and has received many awards.

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