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+ Мога ли да пренасоча спама към администраторския акаунт?


How can I turn off the anti-spam filter for new mailboxes?

+ Email spoofing can be minimized

+ How to scan redirected emails

When emails are redirected to another email address directly from Exchange, they are sent to your other email address before they are stored in your Exchange, and thus SPAMfighter does not have the opportunity to filter them.

Please remove the forwarding from Exchange and use instead this method:

1) Open the SEM Administration Module on the server and go to "Mailboxes" -> "Mailboxes"
2) Locate the mailbox in cause
3) Click the small configuration icon to the right of the mailbox
4) Choose "POP3" as primary mail protocol
5) Click "Save changes" follow by "Close"

In Outlook, click "Tools" -> "Rules and Alerts" -> "New rule" -> "Start from blank rule" -> "Check messages when they arrive".

Create a new blank rule with the following properties:

 * Sent to people or distribution list (select your email address)
 * Forward it to people... (add your second email address)
 * Except if the subject contains specific words (enter these characters: ** SPAM **)
 * Stop processing more rules

Create another blank rule with the following properties:

 * Check messages when they arrive
 * With specific words in the subject (add the characters: ** SPAM **)
 * Move it to the specified folder (Choose SPAMfighter)
 * Stop processing more rules

In step two above, please make sure that you select "With specific words in the SUBJECT", not body. When you select "stop processing more rules", the rule will run server-side and will be executed when an email is received, even if Outlook is not running. If the rule is marked as "client-side" in the Rules list, then please edit your rule and uncheck the option "on this machine only". These rules need to run server-side to be effective.

+ Do SEM filter outgoing e-mails for spam/malware?

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