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+ My SPAMfigher toolbar is disapered. How do I get it back?

It sounds like Outlook has deactivated SPAMfighter.
To solve the problem. Please do this: (Outlook 2000)
* Close Outlook
* Choose Start -> Programs -> Spamfighter -> Settings
* Close the "Configuration tools"
Open Outlook and your toolbar should be back.
To solve the problem. Please do this: (Outlook 2002, XP,2003)
* Press "Help" from the Outlook drop down menu in the top of Outlook and select "About Microsoft Outlook".
* A window pops up with a button called "Disabled Items".
* Press the button and a list of programs Outlook has disabled will appear.
If SPAMfighter is on the list:
* Select it and press the "Enable" button.
Close all windows and restart Outlook and SPAMfighter should work again.
If not, please contact our support department.
If this didn"t work then it could be caused by a windows service pack, then please try this:
In Outlook go to "Tools" -> "Options" -> "Other" -> "Advanced Options" -> "COM Add-Ins"
Is the SPAMfighter add-in available?
If SPAMfighter doesn"t appear on the list, please add this file and afterwards restart Outlook:
C:Program FilesSPAMfighterClientsOutlookSFOL0000.dll
If SPAMfighter appears on the list, try to remove the checkmark and click on "OK".
Go back to "COM Add-Ins" and put the checkmark back and click on "OK".
Now restart Outlook and SPAMfighter should be back.
If it doesn"t, please close Outlook and press the Windows Start button and choose Run and copy this string into the field and press ok:
regsvr32 "C:Program FilesSPAMfighterClientsOutlookSFOL0000.dll"

Restart Outlook, if the toolbar isn"t there, please try the first part again, by add the dll-file to the COM Add-Ins.
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