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Testimonials from SPAMfighter Exchange Users

"Awesome product! We just purchased a 3 year subscription. only needed 1 day of the 30 day trial to make a decision."
Bo Stewart

"All my associates and me like Spamfighter and think that it is very reliable. We had very few issues that were all resolved promptly. We appreciate the reliability, excellent service and promp response from Spamfighter support.
Keep it up.
Thank you so much"
Marwan Dajani
IT Manager

"I will recommend your product to anyone looking just to get a handle on spam."
Craig Sabo

"I just wanted to pass my thanks back to you for providing a valuable support tool.
Based upon our 30-day demo period, I was able to justify purchasing a 1-year license for the SPAMFighter product, and I completed that purchase this morning.
Thanks again for providing a fine, hassle-free product."
Kevin Chaney

"We've used several commercial (commercial like the "big companies") spam filters. They only blocked about 1~5% of all spam mails. They check the wrong things in this day and age. Spam is getting more and more clever and beats spam filters time after time.
If you get spam it almost always grows. From 10 to 50, 50 to 100, and now we are "suffering" 900 spam mails a day in each mailbox. The "big spam filters" blocked less than 20.
We were searching for a solution, and then spam fighter came up. The website looks professional and is really clean. And clean is what I like. 30-Day Trial (which is on most software not enough the evaluate the software). We have used spam fighter now for 2 days and I can say we already made the decision to order for the whole company. This product is really cool, and really hot. The price is what's most amazing. You're products reach millions, maybe billions of people because it's payable for everyone. Small companies, Big Companies, or just for computers in a household situation.
The results are hilarious. From the 10.000 spam mails, 1 went through. That's big!
And also another thing I really appreciate... You guys contact me in a very personal way. I really feel obligated to send this mail on a nice way.
Just letting you know, you guys are doing a good job!"
Wesley Eversen

"The thing that really impressed me was the fact that it was so quick, simple and easy to use and install. Perfect for people like me who rely on computers for contact and business, but do not have time to understand all about their workings."
Rob Manger

Your solution is the best I've ever seen. We bought required licences today and looking forward to enjoying the spam-free mailboxes.
Miloslav Vlach
Business Process Solutions s.r.o

"Great product, excellent hit-rate, absolutely positively surprised by the easiness of installation and performance. I'll order the product right away, best SPAM Server-plugin I've ever seen. Also thank you very much for the excellent support."
Marc Spohr

"I'm amazed how brilliant your software is and how quick your support is! You have a real fan over here! Thank you very much! It works."
Erik Reissenweber

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