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Use our SPAM Calculator to see how much SPAM is costing your company each year

The SPAM Calculator from SPAMfighter will help your company to figure out how much SPAM costs your company every year if you dont have an Anti Spam solution installed.

The SPAM Calculator from SPAMfighter

- Number of mailboxes in your company

- Hourly salary for each employee (In your currency)

- Average amount of SPAM every day for each mailbox

- Time it takes to delete each spam (In seconds)

SPAM is costing your company each year:

The Solution

SPAMfighter Exchange Module (SEM)is an user-friendly anti spam filter for Microsoft Exchange Server. Try free for 30 days
<strong>SPAMfighter Mail Gateway</strong>
<strong>SPAMfighter Hosted Mail Gateway</strong>

SPAMfighter Exchange Module

SPAMfighter Exchange Module is the easy-to-use spam and virus filter solution for Microsoft Exchange Server 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 or Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS) / Windows Server Essentials

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SPAMfighter Mail Gateway

SPAMfighter Mail Gateway integrates perfectly with the company's existing e-mail infrastructure to secure the company e-mail environment. It is easy to install and use with no daily maintenance tasks needed. SPAMfighter Mail Gateway is based on SPAMfighter's unique world-wide community with over 8 million users.

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SPAMfighter Hosted Mail Gateway

SPAMfighter Hosted Mail Gateway is the simple and low-cost solution for companies, organizations and individuals who have their own domain name and want to get rid of spam without buying and maintaining their own anti spam server.

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SPAMfighter works with
Windows 8 & 10 Compatible

Windows 7,
Windows Vista,
Windows XP

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