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10 day trial

If you have installed the Shareware version of SPAMfighter, you now have a 10 day trial period. When the trial period ends, you can either buy SPAMfighter Pro, or be downgraded to the free SPAMfighter Standard.

SPAMfighter Standard is free ad financed software. All functions are equivalent to the ones in SPAMfighter Pro, except the following. SPAMfighter Standard inserts a small text signature in your email that says "My email is protected by SPAMfighter ... " and displays a small text box in your Email Client with an ad. Furthermore, you can only have 5 people on your Whitelist/Blacklist. Please note that SPAMfighter Standard is intended for "non-commercial" use i.e. home users, schools, universities etc.

SPAMfighter Pro is for the discerning user who doesn't want ads. There are no signatures or advertisements, and no limit on how many people you can add to your Whitelist/Blacklist. Also, with SPAMfighter Pro, you are now able to determine which languages you want to receive email in, making it so you don't receive emails in languages you don't understand. This is also the version you must buy if you are in a company, or organization.

The SPAMfighter Pro version costs only US$29.00 a year.

<strong>Buy SPAMfighter Pro now</strong>


If you want to buy SPAMfighter Pro, click here.


SPAMfighter works with
Windows 8 Compatible      Compatible with Windows 7

Windows Vista & Windows XP

We are also proud to be

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

Intel Software Partner

OPSWAT Certified Partner