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SPAMfighter Awards and Prizes

PC Solutions conducted a test of 3 spam filters in July 2007. SPAMfighter was judged against Mail Washer and Vade Vetro.

SPAMfighter was voted the best spam filter out of those tested


The Verdict: SPAMfighter is exceptionally simple to use and is definitely worth trying out.


ComputerWorld - Highest Growth Award

SPAMfighter was awarded for the highest growing IT firm in Denmark by Computerworld Denmark in September 2007.


IT Security Top 103 Free Security Programs

IT Security named SPAMfighter one of the top free computer security programs available on the internet today.
SPAMfighter was listed with other big names in the spam filtering industry, such as Cloudmark and BullGuard.

SPAMfighter was named as one of the top free anti-spam programs


"Reviewers are impressed with the filtering qualities of Spamfighter. As a network-based filter, Spamfighter requires no training, making it effective right from the start."


The Tech Herald
"...SPAMfighter is a solid product and well worth a look..."


"Komputer For Alle" Spam Filter Review
SPAMfighter, Spameater, Spambully, Choicemail One, CA Anti-Spam 2007, and Spambuster.

"Komputer for Alle" commented:
"In all, SPAMfighter is without a doubt the best out of all the tested anti-spam solutions. Especially for IT-beginners who need a solution that works without maintenance. The program is easy to install, and gives no extra need for support. It is especially a bonus that everything works as soon as the program is installed."

The test winner was SPAMfighter with 9.1 out of 10 points.

The largest Scandinavian IT-magazine "Komputer For Alle" conducted a spam filter test in June 2007. SPAMfighter was judged against Spameater, Spambully, Choicemail One, CA Anti-Spam 2007, and Spambuster.

SPAMfighter was named Editors pick by Brothersoft - a top download site.


SPAMfighter was named Editors pick by Brothersoft - a top download site.

Editors Pick


Computer Power User Spam Filter Review

"SPAMfighter is amazingly effective right from the start, benefiting from the "training" that millions of other users have already performed. Of 321 test spam mails, it caught 98.4% within one minute of installation. It flagged no personal messages as spam falsely, but it incorrectly trapped 29% of emails, like desired advertising offers and newsletters, which is still pretty good. By using whitelists and blacklists, even these errors could be eliminated with some configuration."

SPAMfighter was honored with 4 out of 5 stars in the May 2008 edition of Computer Power User Magazine

"The smart filtering feature of the application SPAMfighter is the most useful functionality of the freeware"

SPAMfighter Standard is 100% free for home users

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