Icon Packs

Don't have time to make your own icons - don't worry the help is here. Here are some links for some free icon packs...

Iconexperience.com - v collection

Iconexperience.com - x collection



Icon Creation Assistance

This service will help you convert your .png application icon to one icon file (.ico) all versions included, to use in "Product info" in the Whitelabel Manager.


Graphic Packs

These resources are intended for inspiration only, please do not use in your final build.

Color Picker

Need help to create colors for our whitelabel.css file? DonĀ“t worry we got the perfect tool for you...

1 - Pick a color

2 - Copy/paste the color code

Choose your color here:

Graphical Design Help

We will submit Graphical Experts Free-Lance help info that can help you design you product if you get stuck.

If you are a graphical Designer and would like to be submitted here, please write OEM@SPAMfighter.com

You can be submitted in 1 out 2 places.

  • Graphical Help offered
  • Expert White-labeled Graphical Help offered

The second part is for Experts that has already done a White-label it has been approved. Feel free to make one, submitted and if approved, you will be among the Experts.

Graphics expertise:

Daniel van Acker
Company: Ackers Graphics and design
Skype: ackern
Web: www.ackers.dk
Language : English and Danish