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DRIVERfighter user reviews

Read comments and endorsements from DRIVERfighter users. They like DRIVERfigher and we bet you will too.

"I realized I had never updated my computer's drivers, nor did I even know I needed to. Neglecting to do this can cause slow performance and a host of other issues which I deal with on a daily basis."

Emily Slowiak
Moms Into Living Fit

"Updating program drivers is one of those things which we know we should do, but probably won't bother with until there is a problem using a program. DRIVERfighter...aims to make this process as natural as running a virus scan, by streamlining the process with a click of a button".

Beeb Ashcroft
Coupon Corner

"This program does it all - it downloads and then installs the updates to all the drivers you have on your PC. The first day I did it, it updated a bazillian. Some things I just don't ever think about. Updating my drivers was definitely one of them".

Dina Demerest
My Unentitled Life

"My ten-year-old back-up PC had 3000+ day old drivers according to a scan from DRIVERfighter. The scan only took about a minute and the updates - not more than ten, unlike anything I've ever seen before. Now I'm all up-to-date in a snap and I can look forward to this old thing working a WHOLE lot better".

Jasmine Powers

"All you have to do is once a week, scan your computer. If there are any drivers that are out of date, DRIVERfighter will let you know and you click update and there are updated. I had a total of thirteen drivers that were out of date. No wonder this crazy computer doesn't want to work half the time".

Rita Hernandez
Rita's Reviews