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Run a Disk Defragmentation with FULL-DISKfighter - The Ultimate Disk Defrag Software

FULL-DISKfighter is a disk defragmentation tool that will have your disk running faster and more efficiently. Defragging assembles the scattered parts of a file and stores them neatly in one complete piece in a cleared space. This is done with each and every file until the entire disk is defragmented - significantly improving your PC's performance.


  • Optimizes file system
    FULL-DISKfighter speeds up your PC, making it run smoother and more efficiently
  • Optional Quick Defrag
    Choose a full or a quick defragmentation
  • Full support
    FULL-DISKfighter supports both NTFS and FAT 16/32 systems
  • Smart defragmentation
    Uses less system resources and runs a faster defrag than similar defragmentation programs.
  • Faster Startup
    Important start-up files are arranged to improve boot and Windows start-up times
  • Safe and Secure
    Defragment your disks without any risk. Defragmentation can be done while the PC is in full use

Using FULL-DISK-fighter you also get two other cool features:

  • Duplicate File Manager
    Find and delete duplicate files that take up valuable hard disk space
  • Junk File Manager
    Find and delete unnecessary files such as temporary files, memory dumps, log files, and more

Looking for at Disk Defragger? Try FULL-DISK fighter and Defrag your Hard disk!

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