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Product Reviews by FULL-DISKfighter Users and magazines

Ödüller says:
"...FULL-DISKfighter did a good job of increasing the testbed's overall performance; the system felt snappier as I used the PC over the course of a few hours..."
"...After using Full-Diskfighter, the system saw some improvement..."


Techfume says:
"The software recovers your disk space and helps your PC to work faster. You may think that regular programs like CCleaner can keep your system junk free but FULL-DISKfighter just don't recovers your system but also analyzes, defragments and optimizes."

iPhone 4 e geçtikten sonra FULL-DISKfighter ile iTunes in hala eski iPhone 3G nin yedeğinin depolanmış olduğunu tespit ettim. Bu veri harddiskimde 1 gigabayt gereksiz alan işgal etmişti. Bu alanı geri kazandığım için mutlu oldum. FULL-DISKfighter 'a teşekkürler!

Testimonials from FULL-DISKfighter users and magazines

"...I like the fact that it has cleaned up my computer to great effect - it now is much faster than it has been for quite a while . Also it is v. easy to use..."
E. Givens says:
"...You can scan for unnecessary files within installed programs. Unlike a typical file scanner, FULL-DISKfighter scans within the program directories for possibly unwanted files. The best example is the iTunes folder where I found almost 2GB of unwanted data of my old iPod Touch!..."

"...I then tried FULL-DISKfighter and to my surprise, it cleared 181GB of junk files from my computer..." says:
- The program has a simple interface for any user.
- Perfectly fulfills its mission.
- It is quick to perform their functions.
- In just four joint options, the system is cleaner and more fluid..."


Geek's for President says:
"...Simplicity in the design, this program is very neat and easy to figure out. Even the biggest PC dummy, would be able to figure this out. In general all of the programs from SPAMfighter are very simple! .." and "...Auto repair feature - Enable the "scan on system boot" in the settings tab, this will ensure you a clean disk!..."

"...I love this program. It did exactly what I wanted it to do. Thanks..."
Teresa Wojdyla

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Testimonials from FULL-DISKfighter users and magazines

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