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White Label Software Partner Program - Easily Expand Your Product Offering

Increase Your Market Share and Revenues with our White Label Software

Looking for a White Label product that is high converting and can be fully rebranded with your logos, graphics and text? Take advantage of SPAMfighter's award winning and top selling registry cleaner SLOW-PCfighter, our hard disk cleaner FULL-DISKfighter, our driver updater DRIVERfighter, security products SPYWAREfighter and VIRUSfighter and the antispam product, SPAMfighter Pro, as a White Label Software product. We can help you monetize your customer base and attract new customers with a quick time to market, giving you access to a new product within 3 to 4 weeks.

Our White Label Software Program is perfect for publishers, affiliates, and ESD's to instantly expand their product line without any the need of development and reach new customers worldwide with a high converting product, up to 20% of people who download, purchase the product. Our White Label Program is the strongest in the industry with top industry companies in the world as clients, and a presence on every continent - with over 2.5 million licenses sold.

White Label Software Partner Program

Kita tawarkan lengkap label enceran tersendiri(label putih),sebiasanya SPAMfighter boleh melokalisir dengan grafik dan bahasa yang untuk anda di pasaran.

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White Label Software Program Features

Dedicated Implementation/Operational Managers

A dedicated account management team will support your project implementation, training on product management tools/modules, and support with sales / marketing needs.

Content/Translation Module

We give you access to a web interface that allows you to review and update the text in the installer, software application, and GUI.

White Label Software Partner Toolkit

We give you access to an online tool kit module which enables you to run real-time statistical reports by installation date, uninstalls, active/non-active users, country, version, and usage language.

Customized Branding and Customization

We can help you individually customize aspects of your White Label product from branding and aesthetics to content and even language, through a step by step instructional guide.


SLOW-PCfighter, SPAMfighter Pro, DRIVERfighter, FULL-DISKfighter, SPYWAREfighter and VIRUSfighter are available in 22 different languages where your new White Label software can be localized with graphics and the languages needed for your market.

We can help you individually customize aspects of your OEM Software from branding and aesthetics to content and even language, through a step by step introduction guide.

Kumpulan OEM kita kerja dengan anda untuk dapatkan enceran yang baik untuk pasaran anda yang perlu.Kontak mereka dari sini untuk mengetahui lebih tentang peluang kita boleh tawar sekutu anda.