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Phishing Scandal in Full Force

Have no doubt about it - phishing is a scam, although one of the newer ones, that tries to lure your hard earned money right out of your wallet. And technically it's a well-done scam, that makes use of peoples trust in legal enterprises.

The essence of phishing is that the "robbers" make use of false homepages, that look just like a trustworthy homepage complete with logos and everything. The same goes for the spam mails, that are used to lure the potential victims to the false homepage.

Unfortunately there will always be criminals, who will try to get what is rightfully yours. It has been that way ever since mankind started putting values on things and increasingly since the introduction of payment for goods and services.

In short: Phishing is just one of the newest forms of spam. Avoid it!

Preuzmite za Windows

Ako Vam je potrebna zaštita od phishinga, neželjene pošte i krađe identiteta za Vaše kućno/uredsko osobno računalo ili ako želite zaštititi poslužitelj od phishinga i neželjene pošte, došli ste na pravo mjesto.