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You are probably here because you suspect your computer of having a virus, or you have been receiving warnings that you already have a virus but are not able to remove it? The VIRUSfighter anti virus remover software is able to help you! To scan, identify and get rid of destroying virus, worms etc., you have to do the following:

VIRUSfighter is in the same product family as SPAMfighter, Europe's leading Spam Filter developer.

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You get a full free version of VIRUSfighter completely free for 30 days.

VIRUSfighter is SPAMfighters new anti virus software and it has won several awards.

VIRUSfighter is a very user-friendly virus scanner that is easy to install on your computer. If the scan finds a virus on your system, it will easily quarantine and remove the virus.

VIRUSfighter protects you against virus and other malicious software destroying your computer. Every time a virus outbreak occurs, an effective antidote is quickly released and automatically installed - you don't have to lift a finger.

Download VIRUSfighter
  • Run a virus scan and follow the instructions in the VIRUSfighter program - its as simple as that!

If you decide to buy VIRUSfighter after the FREE 30 days trial, it only costs US$19.99. If you have a competitor's virus protection installed and choose to uninstall it we will give you a discount of US$15.00.


Operating System

Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7 or Windows 8 (32bit and 64bit)

Browser/email client

Any brand and version


128 MB minimum

Disk Space

25 MB

VIRUSfighter works with
Windows 8 Compatible      Compatible with Windows 7

Windows Vista & Windows XP

We are also proud to be

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

Intel Software Partner

OPSWAT Certified Partner