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Filter outgoing spam and internal spam on Exchange Server with SPAMfighter Exchange Module

Filter outgoing spam and internal spam on Exchange Server with SPAMfighter Exchange Module

Does your company have guidelines for correct e-mail use? If not, your employees could be inadvertently sending what might be considered spam.

When searching for security and anti-spam solutions for Microsoft Exchange Server, companies are generally more concerned about incoming spam, and outgoing spam is often not even addressed. While incoming spam is a continuing nuisance, dealing with outgoing spam is also crucial in order to prevent being blacklisted and to maintain a good company reputation.

Here are examples of e-mail based policies that SPAMfighter Exchange Module addresses:

Inappropriate E-mails
Sending e-mails that use inappropriate language or discriminate

Jokes, Youtube Links
Sending links to YouTube or other sites

Sending attached files such as spreadsheets or PowerPoints

Sending to customers with eg. 25 or more recipients in any field

Sending emails in with too many CAPS letters

Sender Filters
Sending e-mails to or other non-business domains

Besides filtering both ingoing and outgoing spam, SPAMfighter Exchange Module also addresses internal spam. The rules for sending e-mail to customers can also be applied for e-mails between your employees using Exchange Server. Many companies struggle to deal with productivity losses due to internal spam including jokes, links to YouTube videos and other distractions, and either fail to formulate an internal e-mail policy or have difficulty enforcing it.

Why use SPAMfighter Exchange Module for filtering outgoing and internal spam on Exchange Server?

Enforce an e-mail policy

Establishing rules on how to use e-mail as a professional tool helps your organization better utilize e-mails, increases productivity, and minimizes the risk of damages and lawsuits caused by incorrect usage of e-mails. SPAMfighter Exchange Module helps enforce an e-mail policy.

Avoid being blacklisted

Ensuring your employees do not send out mass-mailings and outgoing spam without your knowledge enhances your e-mail reputation. One single e-mail account can destroy your e-mail reputation and adversely affect email deliverability for all accounts. SPAMfighter Exchange Module helps protect your e-mail reputation.

We are listening to our Users and Resellers!

SPAMfighter Exchange Module version 5.0 has introduced filtering of outgoing and internal spam due to a valuable feedback from happy customers all around the world. SPAMfighter Exchange Module still filters spam and virus effectively for Exchange Server and has received numerous awards. Read more about SPAMfighter Exchange Module for Microsoft Exchange Server here.

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