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Anti-spam and Anti-virus Server Solutions

SPAMfighter Exchange Модул, SPAMfighter Mail Gateway Сървър и SPAMfighter Hosted Спам Филтър са най-ефекктивни и лесни за използване Спам Филтър за защита на фирми против спам и фишинг мошенничества.

VIRUSfighter Server

VIRUSfighter Server is an ultra-lightweight, very fast, simple to use and low-cost server antivirus solution for Windows servers, that uses low system resources, so you are always protected, without slowing down your server.

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SPAMfighter поддържа следните пощенски сървъри:

ArGoSoft, CMailServer, CommuniGate, Courier, GroupWise, IMail, Kerio, MDaemon, Merak, MS SMTP MAIL Service, Postfix, QMail, Sendmail, Winmail, WorkgroupMail, XMail.