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Reviews by FULL-DISKfighter Users and magazines

iPhone 4 e geçtikten sonra FULL-DISKfighter ile iTunes in hala eski iPhone 3G nin yedeğinin depolanmış olduğunu tespit ettim. Bu veri harddiskimde 1 gigabayt gereksiz alan işgal etmişti. Bu alanı geri kazandığım için mutlu oldum. FULL-DISKfighter 'a teşekkürler!

"...I like the fact that it has cleaned up my computer to great effect - it now is much faster than it has been for quite a while . Also it is v. easy to use..."
E. Givens

"...I love this program. It did exactly what I wanted it to do. Thanks..."
Teresa Wojdyla says:
- The program has a simple interface for any user.
- Perfectly fulfills its mission.
- It is quick to perform their functions.
- In just four joint options, the system is cleaner and more fluid..."

"...I then tried FULL-DISKfighter and to my surprise, it cleared 181GB of junk files from my computer..." says:
"...You can scan for unnecessary files within installed programs. Unlike a typical file scanner, FULL-DISKfighter scans within the program directories for possibly unwanted files. The best example is the iTunes folder where I found almost 2GB of unwanted data of my old iPod Touch!..."