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Product Reviews of SPAMfighter Exchange Module

Read Reviews of SPAMfighter Exchange Module by Microsoft Exchange experts. Also read our Business cases using SPAMfighter server product here.

"SPAMfighter Exchange Module is a constantly evolving tool that actually does bring the fight against spam as close to 100 percent as you will get. The end result...SPAMfighter Exchange Module is definitely a worthy addition to your Exchange server."

Get up and running within minutes, no configuration or maintenance is needed.

"More importantly, it blocked all of the spam that was sent to the server without a single false positive during my tests"


"...This is pretty intuitive, and the default policy comes preconfigured and already applied..."

"It uses event sinks in SMTP and the individual mail stores to be notified of mail that arrived. This means that if SPAMfighter Exchange Module were to break or malfunction, baring SMTP stopping or failing mail flow would continue."

Winmag PRO
SPAMfighter Exchange Module won a test in a major dutch magazine Winmag PRO profiling SPAMfighter Exchange Module against one of the other leading anti-spam products for Microsoft Exchange in the market.

Get up and running within minutes, no configuration or maintenance is needed.


"Ive worked with MS Exchange for 16 years and have used all the "tier 1"" AV and Anti Spam products. SPAMFighter to date is the easiest to configure and manage"
"SPAMfighter has added some very effective new features, but has done so without sacrificing their trademark simplicity. .........very easy to install......helping organizations to effectively combat spam while also preventing false positives."