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May 2006

SPAMfighter News - 2006/5/31

German “Patch” Trojan Targets Microsoft Windows

A new breed of malware has found its way into systems running on Microsoft Windows.  


Telugu Portal - 2006/5/30

Computers running Windows 98 best unhooked from Internet

Users of the Windows 98 operating system should soon permanently disconnect their machines from the Internet to guard against possible virus attacks.


Korea Times - Kim Tae-gyu 2006/5/30

AnLab Posts Warning on 23 Variants of Remote-Controlled Hupigon ...

Several variants of a made-in-China virus, called Hupigon, pose a serious threat to cyberspace here, according to a Korean online security company. AhnLab,


Infoworld - 2006/5/29

Password-stealing Trojan arrives in German spam

A fresh round of spam with a password-stealing Trojan horse detected on Sunday uses a German-language pitch, saying the malicious attachment is an official ...

New Orleans CityBusiness - Fritz Esker 2006/5/29

Talk is cheap ...

Instant messaging in the workplace is gaining some respect. Once a socializing tool employers frowned upon as a time and productivity waster, the


Financial - Dr. Rashid ul Ahsan Chowdhury 2006/5/29

Dealing with computerised evidence

THE overriding principle concerning all phases of seizing and processing electronic evidence i.e. seized computers, disks and other media, should be never


Toronto Star - PATRICK EVANS 2006/5/28

Common Internet searches may spell danger

Some of the results produced by search engines can lead to websites that will make a mess of your computer, according to a new study on the Internet's


Trade Arabia - 2006/5/27

Warning over Da Vinci Code spam

Anti-spam experts at SophosLabs, a world leader in integrated threat management solutions and developing protection against viruses,

TMCnet - 2006/5/26

NTC set to lift ban on spam

TELECOMMUNICATIONS REGULATORS MAY lift the moratorium on commercial text messages being broadcast over cellular phone networks by next month after it managed ...

PC World - Tom Spring 2006/5/26

The Dangerous Side of Search Engines

Who knew an innocent search for "screensavers" could be so dangerous? It may actually be the riskiest word to type into Google's search engine. Odds are, more ...

ClickZ News - Enid Burns 2006/5/26

The Deadly Duo: Spam and Viruses, April 2006

Internet security firm Blue Security closed operations when its aggressive tactics angered a spammer enough to issue DOS (define) attacks to the company and ...

Security Park - 2006/5/25

New Da Vinci Code spam email

Emails have been intercepted, inviting recipients to join a book club and claiming to offer a free copy of "The Da Vinci Code" as an incentive. The email calls ...

PC World - 2006/5/25

Use an Image to Cut Down on Spam

In Use a Sneaky Signature to Reduce Spam, my Hassle-Free PC column, I talked about using an image of your e-mail address instead of a character-based e-mail ...

Atomic - 2006/5/23

Spam or Ham

If you want to help the anti-spam community and have a bit of fun at the same time, visit ...

Munir Kotadia - 2006/5/23

Antivirus software 'is being defeated'

According to the results of the AusCERT 2006 computer crime survey, even though 98 percent of companies used an ...

ZDNetIndia - Vivian Yeo 2006/5/22

Spam won't be gone in two years

The world will not see the end of spam anytime soon, but a combination of legislation and antispam tools could help manage the problem, says a veteran in the ...

Marketing - 2006/5/22

Spam Fight at Wrong End

Isn't it pathetic that sometimes it is easier to change e-mail addresses than filter through all of the spam in your inbox? I recently switched ISPs to save ...

TG Daily - 2006/5/22

Trojan attacks via unpatched vulnerability in Word

Glendale (CA) - It took just three days for malware authors to release to exploit a critical


Lowell Sun - NORM MORIN 2006/5/22

Water won't necessarily destroy your computer

Was your computer or other electronic component exposed to water during last week's flooding? Electronics won't necessarily be destroyed after being exposed


Portsmouth Herald News - 2006/5/21

Anti-spam service averts a cyberwar

The company behind a controversial anti-spam initiative is shutting down the service ...

Slashdot - 2006/5/19

BlueSecurity Fall-Out Reveals Larger Problem

For anyone following the BlueSecurity story, sadly the anti-spam crusader has raised the ...

Outer Court - 2006/5/19

Google Blogoscoped is a Spam Blog

Pingoat, a “meta pinger" for blogs that tells Technorati and others that I’ve updated, now started to tell me this: Hold it right there!! You have been ...

Xinhua - 2006/5/19

USanti-virus firm accuses Microsoft of misusing technologies

U.S. anti-virus company Symantec on Thursday accused computer-industry giant Microsoft of misusing


Pitch Weekly - 2006/5/17

Not Exactly Skinhead Spam

Missouri state Rep. Maria Chappelle-Nadal paints with a broad brush. When a North Kansas City man sent her an e-mail encouraging lawmakers to crack down on ... - Erwin Lemuel Oliva 2006/5/17

NTC says new rules on text spam out in 2 weeks

THE NATIONAL Telecommunications Commission (NTC) has said that its revised guidelines on sending unsolicited mobile phone text messages to promote services and ...

Cherry Hill Courier Post - KATIE GRASSO 2006/5/16

Install anti-virus software to keep computer bug-free

Approximately 3.6 million households do not have anti-virus protection for their computers. This new ...

DM News - 2006/5/16

Truste Picks SubscriberMail for E-Mail

Online privacy certification service Truste tapped SubscriberMail to handle outbound e-mail messages after the task got too large to manage in-house. The ...

eBCVG - 2006/5/15

Sophos discovers hooting virus

Anti-virus vendor Sophos has discovered a worm that attempts to send a photograph of an owl to attached network printers. The W32/Hoots-A worm is written in


Security Park - 2006/5/15

StreamShield Networks Content Forensics helps ISPs eliminate spam ...

Gartner estimates that more than 70% of all worldwide spam is now generated by botnets - a collection of infected

Search Engine Roundtable - 2006/5/15

Is the Google Coop Spamable? Depends...

There is a thread at Search Engine Watch Forums named What Do You Think Of Google Co-op? Future Spam Central? The thread is asking others, is the Google Coop ...

CRI - 2006/5/14

Internet Spam and Digital Security

It's not a problem we would have dealt with 20-years ago. But today, we log onto the internet, open our email inbox, only to see it's all packed with ...

ic Wales - 2006/5/14

Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam...

THE volume of UK emails has hit a new high, but the bulk of messages are spam, new research shows. The number of messages sent per second passed the 1,000 ...

DailyTech - 2006/5/13

You spam, you pay

Kodak this week was charged by the FTC for sending unsolicited email to more than 2 million customers. Worst yet, the emails did not give recipients a means to ... - 2006/5/12

Emeryville company to pay spam charges

Kodak Imaging Network Inc. will pay $26,331 in civil penalties to settle charges of spamming filed by the Federal Trade Commission, the commission reported ...

Reuters India - 2006/5/12

Kodak unit settles US FTC spam charges

A digital photo-sharing service run by Eastman Kodak Co. settled charges it sent e-mails to 2 million recipients and failed to give them a way to opt out of ...

Whittier Daily News - 2006/5/10

Downey man sentenced in `botnet' spam scheme

A Downey man was sentenced to nearly five years in federal prison for taking control of 400,000 Internet-connected computers and renting access to them to

ClickZ News - 2006/5/10

Spam Complaints: ISPs Aren't the Enemy

Whenever we meet marketers at deliverability roundtables or best-practices workshops, we know somebody will either accuse ISPs of warning users to hit the ... - 2006/5/10

Sophos : 57 months in prison for 21-year-old hacker who ran zombie ...

Experts at SophosLabs™, Sophos's global network of virus, spyware and spam analysis center, have


Scripps Howard News Service - JAMES DERK 2006/5/9

Fried laptop batteries and other tech tales

Reader mail has clogged the inbox along with pitches for Chinese pharmaceutical stocks, so let's get right to it (the mail, not the stock picks). Q: I have ...

iTWire - Stan Beer 2006/5/9

MessageLabs wins deal with NSW Health

Messaging security provider, MessageLabs, has won a contract with the NSW Department of Healthto supply

IT Management - Brian Livingston 2006/5/9

Sender ID, DomainKeys Are Hammering Spam

When an 800-pound gorilla says, "You must prove to me that your e-mail isn't spam, or else," it's amazing how fast a lot of other big apes will comply. I ...

PC Magazine - Matt Hines 2006/5/9

World Cup Virus Season Kicks Off

The FIFA World Cup 2006 tournament won't get underway in Germany until early June, but computer virus ... - Dawn Kawamoto 2006/5/9

Excel virus takes aim at fantasy football fans

A new Microsoft Excel virus is targeting fantasy football league fans, luring them with an offer of worksheets to track the performance of their team. The


ARNnet - Rob Irwin 2006/5/8

DiData gives NSW a clean bill of spam health

A growing amount of spam and email viruses has resulted in DiData shifting the NSW Department of Health onto hosted ...

ClickZ News - Shari Thurow 2006/5/8

Encouraging Search Engine Spam

The commercial Web search engines (Google, Yahoo!, MSN Search, Ask, etc.) are far from perfect. To be effective, most information retrieval systems must strike ...

San Angelo Standard-Times - CONNIE TORRES 2006/5/8

Computer doctor is making house calls

Looking to save money when his computer broke, Luis Pena learned to fix it on his own. ''Computers are like automobiles,'' said Pena, owner of Concho


CRN Australia - Staff Writers 2006/5/8

World Cup virus goal: The PC

World Cup fever is on, however the event could be marred by a new trojan horse that poses as a match chart for the soccer event. According to

Toronto Star - DAN GOODIN 2006/5/8

Yes, Macs can catch a virus, too

SAN FRANCISCO—Benjamin Daines was browsing the Web when he clicked on a series of links that promised pictures of an unreleased update to his computer's


The Herald - 2006/5/7

Newspapers featuring more outside blogs

The Web sites of dozens of newspapers are starting to feature outside blog postings on travel, health and other topics in a further blurring of the line ...

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle - Nick Francesco 2006/5/7

How to deal with spam on the Internet and in your mailbox

Question: Will you please answer the following questions? 1. What are the titles of some "free" spyware/adware removal programs? 2. How are Web sites ... - REUBEN SCHWARZ 2006/5/7

Xtra blocks mass emailings

Internet service provider Xtra has started blocking emails sent to more than 99 recipients. Xtra security spokesman Luke Baxter says the Telecom-owned ...

Los Angeles Chronicle - Los Angeles Chronicle 2006/5/6

Spam India And untangled Nepal

Kathmandu, 22 April: Even as I write, events in Nepal unfold as if a Broadway play nary a miscue from the script passed out months ago in the Nepalese media. ...

About - News & Issues - Tony Bradley 2006/5/6

Computer Security 101 (tm)

If you have read the rest of the Computer Security 101 (tm) series thus far you already know that the goal is to provide an introduction to the basic


LinuxElectrons - Tommy 2006/5/6

RAND Launches National Computer Security Survey

Arlington, VA – On behalf of the U.S. Departments of Justice and Homeland Security, the RAND Corporation is fielding the first national survey to measure the ...

SC Magazine - Dan Kaplan 2006/5/5

Spam-based attack shuts down Blue Security site

Hackers have launched a massive DDoS attack against the website of Israeli internet security firm Blue Security. As of this afternoon, the website still was ...

Seattle Times - 2006/5/5

Man, 20, enters plea over computer virus

A 20-year-old California man pleaded guilty in federal court Thursday to infecting as many as 50,000 computers with a "botnet" virus that caused


Yahoo Finance - 2006/5/5

CYIOS Corporation Announces SPAMfighter Partnership

CYIOS Corporation announced today it has completed an agreement with SPAMfighter for spam control integration and customization within XO Office along with ...