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August 2006

SPAMfighter News 2006/8/31

‘Ifriends’ Users – A recent Target for Phishers

Security experts at Sophos report that phishers are now targeting iFriends, a videochat community to spread their e-mail scams. Over two million users visit


SPAMfighter News 2006/8/31

Rootkits Can Be Detected And Eradicated

A set of software tools meant to hide running processes; files or system data is referred to as 'rootkit'. ...

SPAMfighter News 2006/8/31

A Computer Hacker Can Be Traced

When a Trojan or a virus hits a PC, we get to know about its presence from the malfunctioning of the machine. But knowing just that is not sufficient. We


SPAMfighter News 2006/8/31

The Guts To Fight Spyware

Most people are aware about the dangers of spyware. Anyone who wants to know how to fight spyware to carry on safe Internet browsing, the following article


SPAMfighter News 2006/8/31

FTC Can’t Cope With Offshore Spammers

Spammers can now target someone's computer in a different country. This had happened with Cindy Carman, three years back. ...

SPAMfighter News 2006/8/30

UK Leads European Union In Spyware Crime

Spyware on the Internet has made rapid pace leaving behind viruses in the race. Spyware has many categories. The most basic one consists of programs that


SPAMfighter News 2006/8/30

The First Computer Virus and Thereafter

The first computer virus called "Brain" was created twenty years ago and it caused fear of


SPAMfighter News 2006/8/30

Online Safety Trends in UK

Despite the gloomy results of several security surveys, the chances of home PC users becoming victims of viruses, spyware, or ...

SPAMfighter News 2006/8/30

Malware Attacks Get More Focused

Ignore the young amateurs; the latest suppliers of malware and other terrible things can offer a


SPAMfighter News 2006/8/30

Investors Warned Of Phishing Scams

Canada's Investment Dealers Association (IDA) has cautioned cyber- dealers that they might have fallen prey to ...

SPAMfighter News 2006/8/29

Security Flaw Puts HSBC Customers At Risk

Researchers from Cardiff University relate the possibility of hacking into a HSBC account within nine attempts. HSBC, one of UK's highest rated banks has


SPAMfighter News 2006/8/29

Japanese Text Editor Reports Flaw

Text files can be safely downloaded from the Internet or can be received via e-mails without causing any harm. They do not create much virus


SPAMfighter News 2006/8/29

Hacker Prosecuted For Devious Actions

US district judge is considering Federal prosecutors' argument in deciding whether to issue a six-years imprisonment to Chris Maxwell aged 20, a hacker


SPAMfighter News 2006/8/29

Fraudster Acquiesce To Online Bank Theft

In an instance of theft involving an online transaction, a computer logger virus was installed to steal $12,000 from Westpac's customer's account.


SPAMfighter News 2006/8/29

Teenage Prosecuted For Spamming

David Lennon, a U.K. teenager aged 18, was punished for sending his former employer five million spam e-mails. Proving guilty of breaching UK's 'Computer


SPAMfighter News 2006/8/28

Yahoo Provides Phishing Shield

The latest safety element Yahoo plans to launch in the near future, will allows consumers to modify their access page. It's designed as a standard mechanism


SPAMfighter News 2006/8/28

Twin Trojans Use PowerPoint Flaw To Spread

Another commendable feat was exposed during the weekend aimed at error in Microsoft's PowerPoint software, which could permit an intruder to command an


SPAMfighter News 2006/8/28

Spam From Anti-Child Porn Agency Spreads Trojan

Certain spam emails with heading 'CP inquiry has began', are affirming that The Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) have recovered the


SPAMfighter News 2006/8/28

Romantic Spam On A Rise

'Hi dearest soul mate'
I was surfing the net some weeks back and discovered your profile. Immediately I made up my mind to email to find out more about


SPAMfighter News 2006/8/28

Microsoft Counters Cybersquatters

Two cases were registered by Microsoft versus individuals who exploited the company's brand name by fraudulently selling it for a profit. These people, also


SPAMfighter News 2006/8/26

Spammers Target Church and Charity

Christian Aid, a church-based charity organization has put on guard its supporters about e-mails that claim to come from account departments of different


SPAMfighter News 2006/8/26

What To Do If A Virus Attacks Your PC?

When a virus infection occurs in your PC, there are a number of problems that can crop up. The computer may function erroneously, Windows could keep


SPAMfighter News 2006/8/26

Path Transversal Attack

The Path Traversal approach method penetrates through files, listings, and commands that theoretically exist beyond the web text file source list. This


SPAMfighter News 2006/8/26

Malware Authors Turn More Insidious

Although there has been no report of massive virus outbreak over many years now, but concern for targeted attacks prevail as also identity theft and


SPAMfighter News 2006/8/26

China’s Best Initiatives To Deal With Spam

In China Internet users receive on an average 2.5 junk e-mails each day. Shenzhen


SPAMfighter News 2006/8/26

A Stock Spam Scam Case

A security lab has alerted users to be careful about e-mails that come with unsolicited financial advice. These are actually spam mail of the


SPAMfighter News - 2006/8/25

How Spyware Hurts Individuals and Businesses

The Internet community and web masters find it difficult to understand that spyware is not just a


SPAMfighter News - 2006/8/25

Social Engineering – Another kind Of Hacking

Computer break-ins are mostly mistaken by the average computer users for being purely technical, due to the technical flaws that intruders can exploit to


SPAMfighter News - 2006/8/25

Anti-Virus Software Needs To Be Put To Test

The magazine 'Consumer Reports' conducted a test on twelve leading 'anti-virus software' products to assess their capability to detect and react to new and


SPAMfighter News - 2006/8/25

Commercial Incentives In Developing Malware Raise Security Concerns

Members of the panel at the recently concluded Microsoft's Tech Ed 2006 convention believed that computer safety would be the most significant


SPAMfighter News - 2006/8/25

Securing IE against hacker attacks

It may be your Internet Explorer (IE) web browser that may be the most vulnerable point in your computer security against hacker attacks. But with proper


SPAMfighter News - 2006/8/24

“Loopholes did not cause online banking thefts”: ICBC

A denial was issued by the Internet and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) regarding any security weaknesses in its online banking system that could be blamed


SPAMfighter News - 2006/8/24

Hacker & Virus in MySpace

MySpace website users are warned by computer experts that the interactive website with regular users in millions, is linked to viruses in circulation.


SPAMfighter News - 2006/8/24

Bot Builds Spam - Spreading Zombie Army

As per the revelations of a security research firm, a malicious bot launched attacks on Windows PCs over the previous week. It used a bug, which Microsoft


SPAMfighter News - 2006/8/24

AOL’s Anti-Virus Raises Security Concerns

AOL's latest trials don't seem to have gone down well with the public. Shortly after the trial, AOL caused sensation by announcing the research records of


SPAMfighter News - 2006/8/24

Ministry of Trade Aiming To Control Spam

Vietnam's Ministry of Trade has proposed to strengthen its influence on Internet publicity campaigns, especially spam circulated through e-mail accounts, to

... - Thomas Bey 2006/8/22


Your opinion of spam is probably a matter of context: Spam can either be the canned meat from your bachelor days, a hilarious Monty Python sketch or one of


institute for war and peace reporting - News Briefing Central Asia 2006/8/22

Spam Ban in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan's advertising law has been widened to include a ban on spam, but experts say the legislation needs work if it is to have any real effect.


The Gateway - Scott Stewart 2006/8/22

Technology upgrades bring new spam filter, 24/7 access

Expect less junk e-mail, more "hi-tech" classrooms and 24-hour access to


PC Advisor - Grant Gross 2006/8/22

Two-thirds of all e-mail is spam, plus other facts

The latest edition of a book of global digital facts has exposed spam as an even more massive problem than previously imagined. Two-thirds of all email sent


The Register - John Leyden 2006/8/22

SEC sues over stock market spam scan

A US couple have been charged over an allegation they made $1m via a stock market pump-and-dump scam, promoted using spam emails.
Jeffrey Stone, 42, of

... - Reuters 2006/8/22

China Spam Brings Fine

A Shenzhen company has been fined for sending bulk junk email in what is believed


Viet Nam News - Viet Nam News 2006/8/18

Draft of 'spam' circular debated

HA NOI -- The Ministry of Trade hosted a seminar in Ha Noi yesterday to introduce the draft of a circular to guide trade promotion in the electronic


The Albequerque Tribune - Associated Press 2006/8/18

AOL digs for gold to pay for spam

AOL says a renegade Internet spammer buried gold and platinum on his parents' property in Massachusetts and wants to bring in bulldozers to search for the

... - Techtree News Staff 2006/8/18

McAfee Spot Spammer Challenge

McAfee has issued an online quiz, complete with a challenge to Web
users that


Providence Business News - Providence Business News 2006/8/18

Marketing Sherpa: Techies look to blogs, have new take on 'spam'

More techies are reading industry blogs and have a whole new take on "spam" e-mails, according to a recent marketing study.

... - Robert Jaques 2006/8/18

Berlusconi "murder" spam hides trojan

Security experts have warned of a new Trojan being spammed out disguised as a bogus BBC News report claiming that former Italian prime minister Silvio


Morning Sentinel Online - Blethen Maine Newspapers 2006/8/18

Putting Pandora back in her box

Trying to control spam is like trying to control the weather, the tide or the pull of gravity -- it seems hopeless. The federal government passed


FOXNews - Ted Bridis 2006/8/16

AOL Prepares to Dig for Gold - Literally

WASHINGTON -- Dig this: AOL believes a renegade Internet spammer buried gold and platinum on his parents'property in Massachusetts and wants to bring in


The Inquirer - Nick Farrell 2006/8/16

AOL wants to dig for gold in spam case

ISP AOL is to tell a court that it wants to dig for gold and platinum on property belonging to the mum and dad of a spammer.
AOL sued a Davis Wolfgang


Marketing Sherpa - Business Wire 2006/8/16

Techies Love Blogs, Hate Spam

WARREN, R.I.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 14, 2006--Business technology buyers are being inundated with spam and reading blogs, and it's changing the way they


SearchEngineWatch - Bill Slawski 2006/8/16

Microsoft Attacks Click Spam by Looking at Noisy Behavior

Sites in search results that rank highly while serving visitors only ads are the target of a number of papers by Microsoft, submitted to the SIGIR 2006


Strategy X, Inc - Strategy X, Inc 2006/8/16

Strategy X, Inc. a Victim of Unknown Third Party Spam Campaign

HARRISON, Maine--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 15, 2006--Strategy X Inc. (Pink Sheets:SGXI), global performance based risk mitigation specialists reports that the


IT Security News - Ericka Chickowski 2006/8/16

Image Spam Triples in Three Months

Ever-resourceful spammers tripled the amount of image spam sent to users in the

... - Ben Macklin 2006/8/16

The Cost of Spam

Spam is the scourge of the Internet. It clogs inboxes, crashes servers, wastes time and money and is an abuse of privacy. More than half of the two trillion


dBusinessNews - Lih-Tah Wong 2006/8/14

Spam eMail Tactics Changing

Troy, Michigan -- Senior support technicians at Computer Mail Services, Inc. (CMS) have recently been following a rise in a certain type of spam email

... - Associated Press 2006/8/14

Michigan charges claim 2 firms ignored anti-spam list

LANSING -- Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox said Thursday he is charging two companies with breaking a new law against sending unsolicited e-mails about

... - Erwin Olivia 2006/8/14

NTC Urges Consumers: Report Text Spam

GOVERNMENT is throwing back the burden to mobile phone operators and content providers to prove they are not spamming subscribers with unsolicited SMS, the


Seattle PI - David Lazarus 2006/8/14

Cell Phone Spam Isn't Just Annoying, It's Costly, Too

Nearly 10 billion text messages are sent by U.S. cell-phone users every month. If you don't think that's caught the attention of spammers, think

... - Techtree News Staff 2006/8/11

Look... You've Got KGB Mail

SophosLabs has issued a warning asking users to be wary of a certain email that claims

... - Robert Jaques 2006/8/11

$2m 419 spam scammer in the slammer

Police in Amsterdam today claimed that the ringleader of an email scam that stole up to $2m has been arrested in Lagos, Nigeria.


TechDirt - TechDirt 2006/8/11

Cheap Calls Lead To International Phone Spam

For a few years, we've been warned about the impending doom of VoIP spam, though much of that concern was centered on automated calls sent to users on VoIP


Mercury News - Associated Press 2006/8/11

Michigan Attorney General Charges Companies with E-mail Violation

LANSING, Mich. - Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox said Thursday he is charging two companies, one of them from California, with breaking a new law against

... - Erwin Olivia 2006/8/11

NTC urges consumers to report text spam

THE BURDEN of proof is now on mobile phone operators and content providers to show that they are not spamming subscribers with unsolicited text messages,


Guardian Unlimited - Wendy Grossman 2006/8/10

Spam is on the move from email to telephone

Be careful before wishing for cheaper phone calls - you may get them. As I did. The voice at the other end is cheery, upbeat, relentlessly American. Until


MoneyWeb - Jessica Vascallero 2006/8/10

'Empty Spam' feasts on in-boxes

Email in-boxes are under attack from some unlikely menaces: J.R.R. Tolkien, Daniel Defoe, Alexandre Dumas and other authors whose classic works are


Lufkin Daily News - Elizabeth Schuett 2006/8/10

Unsolicited 'help' better known as spam

GIBSONBURG, Ohio -- How stupid do the chiselers think we are? Internet crooks are an insult to our intelligence...or if not, they should be.
Last week

... - Robert Jaques 2006/8/10

Skype spyware spam scam slammed

Users were today warned of a new phishing scam that is being distributed via spam emails

... - Robert Jaques 2006/8/9

JFK Assassination spam scam exposed

IT security experts have warned computer users to be wary of an email claiming to come from a dying KGB agent, offering to pass on secrets of the John F


emagazine - Doug Moss 2006/8/9

When is Spam Spam?

You just can't win with "progressives" who sometimes seem to want to fight each other because they can't win very many of the real battles. We


New Zealand Reseller News - Jan Birkeland 2006/8/9

Spam cure disrupts users

Telecom copped some flak from smaller businesses after it started filtering traffic on port 25 in April.

Several companies

... - 2006/8/9

Junk Mail - Special Report

The tide of unsolicited emails flooding into corporate and consumer inboxes is becoming a serious issue.

For consumers,


IT Week - Phil Muncaster 2006/8/9

Email managers face up to spam problems

A recent survey asking IT staff to rank issues relating to email suggests that spam and management are still causing difficulties.


The San Francisco Chronicle - David Lazarus 2006/8/7

Spam Coming to your Phone Soon

Nearly 10 billion text messages are sent by U.S. cell phone users every month. If you don't think that's caught the attention of spammers, think again.

Application Development Trade - Shawna McAlearney 2006/8/7

BarracudaSpam Filter Beset by Major Flaw

A lack of input sanitization in the Linux-based Barracuda spam firewall Web


San Francisco Chronicle - David Lazarus 2006/8/4

Next Frontier for spammers -- text messaging

Nearly 10 billion text messages are sent by U.S. cell phone users every month. If you don't think that's caught the attention of spammers, think again.


WhatPC? - IT Week 2006/8/4

BT leads fight against spam spread

ISPs need to do more to reduce the amount of spam and viruses that flow through their networks. It's a common call these days, and it seems to be having an


MediaPost Publication - Shankar Gupta 2006/8/4

Consumers Overreport Spam

MORE THAN ONE IN THREE consumers mistakenly report e-mail that they have signed up for as "junk" or "spam," according to a report


Hospitality Net - Duane Crandall 2006/8/4

Email Marketing | Compliance With Can-spam Legislation Is Necessary For All Email Marketers, However...

Some folks assume that 'CAN-SPAM' means "we-can-spam," but the acronym for CAN-SPAM derives from the bill's full name: Controlling the Assault of

... - Shamus McGillicuddy 2006/8/4

Image-based spam scams on the rise

Image-based spam is on the rise, filling up inboxes with photos of naked women and some extremely graphic language that traditional ...

ComputerWorld - Computing South Africa 2006/8/3

U.S. takes title as top spam-relaying nation Q2

Experts at SophosLabs scanned all spam messages received in the company's global network of spam traps, revealing that for the first time in more than two

... - Ciara O'Brien 2006/8/3

Virus infections drop, spam on the up

That's according to the monthly virus and spam statistcis from Irish firm IE Internet, which provides managed e-mail and web services. The firm reveals that


ABCNews - Matthew Sarrel 2006/8/3

Win the War on Spam

Don't you just love it when someone sends you stock picks as spam? What's the point of

... - Erica Parizo 2006/8/3

Image spam paints a troubling picture

Numerous vendors have recently issued warnings about the dangerous spread of image-based spam. These unsolicited commercial email messages feature images

... - Clement James 2006/8/3

Spam dominated email during July

Almost 90 per cent of all emails scanned by security company SoftScan in the month of July were spam, the company has revealed.


Business Owner - Nabelah Adams 2006/8/1

New bill to outlaw spam sms's and other business practices

øCompanies are seeing e-mail usage grow at exponential rates. While the rise in e-mail use can improve employee productivity, it also presents challenges to


E-Commerce News - Paul Korzeniowski 2006/8/1

Enterprises Grapple With E-mail Growth

Indeed, e-mail has become a vital business tool. "Many executives feel that e-mail is a necessary component in helping them complete their work in a

... - Lara Williams 2006/8/1

Newspaper publisher tackles virus threats

UK regional newspaper publisher Johnston Press has implemented an email security system to protect against increasing virus threats.


Internet Marketing News and Blog - e-consultancy 2006/8/1

Image spam continues to evade filters

More warnings have been issued over the spread of image-based spam, through which pictures are used to lure victims into downloading ...