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June 2006

SPAMfighter News 2006/6/29

Spamming Steps

Spammers try relentlessly to find ways and means of surpassing spam filters. The methods they employ keep changing from time to time but the processes


SPAMfighter News 2006/6/28

Three MOOP’s Scooped

The Computer Crime Unit of the Metropolitan Police has notified that the police in Finland and UK have arrested three suspected members of the


SPAMfighter News 2006/6/27

The Spam Equation

Cyberspace is an easier way of staying in touch with the world around us, but with the augment of ...

SPAMfighter News 2006/6/24

Presidential Candidates Spamming Voters

With more than 20 million Mexicans now surfing the net, Mexico's presidential candidates have found an easier way to campaign and further their reach to the


SPAMfighter News 2006/6/22

Bank Customers Phished

Warnings of a possible attempt by hackers to crack the defenses of Internet bankers have been issued by the experts at SophosLabs. The hackers seem to have


SPAMfighter News 2006/6/22

Sixem Worm Striking World Cup

The Football World Cup in Germany is generating a lot of interest among people worldwide. The Sixem worm exploits peoples' interest in the tournament. This


SPAMfighter News 2006/6/21

University Reports Increase in Spam

The University authorities are baffled over the spurt in the amount of junk or


SPAMfighter News 2006/6/20

Bank Issues Spam Alerts

Bank of New Zealand customers have been receiving hoax e-mails in recent weeks. These hoax e-mails claim to be a warning from the bank's security department


SPAMfighter News 2006/6/19

Spam Dominates E-mail

Postini, a messaging security firm based in San Carlos, California estimates that nearly 86 percent of all e-mail traffic is spam. During the month of May,


SPAMfighter News 2006/6/17

Mobile Spam: How Vulnerable Can your Cell Phone Be?

A drastic spike has been observed in the number of mobile spam complaints worldwide, and ...

SPAMfighter News 2006/6/17

The Brits Get Bitten By Spam Mania

UK seems to be grappling with the spam problem more than ever before. According to a recent study, home computers in the UK are hit by around 68 million


SPAMfighter News 2006/6/17

Online Lotteries Offer Phishing Jackpots

Coca Cola and Arsenal Football Club have become the latest baits to be used by ...

SPAMfighter News 2006/6/16

Okopipi furthers the Anti-spam revolution

A new anti-spam project called Okopipi, named after a poisonous frog, is being


SPAMfighter News 2006/6/16

Malware Subsides, But Phishing and Trojan Activities Still On a High

According to Sophos, a leading computer security company, the number of malware mails has gone down by more than half. They claim that the malware writers


SPAMfighter News - 2006/6/16

Spams: Do They Originate From Taiwan?

Taiwan is the center of almost 75% of all spam relays. A research organization, Cipher Trust revealed on 9th June 2006 that about 20% of e-mails worldwide


SPAMfighter News 2006/6/15

Malware has lesser proximity to your inbox now!

A major slump has occurred in e-mail messages containing malware in the first six months of this


SPAMfighter News - 2006/6/15

Slay The Demon Called “Spyware”

Quite contrary to what Dwight Brown comments that when a computer is running right one


SPAMfighter News - 2006/6/15

Return of password stealer Trojan

With more than 2700 computers in 120 countries being infected with a new variant of the Briz Trojan, international security experts have resumed discussion


SPAMfighter News 2006/6/14

Cellular Spam is on the rise

The spam nuisance is making waves in the cell phone domain also. The cell phone is now plagued by
the SMS version of the dreaded spam. A recent study


SPAMfighter News - 2006/6/14

A New "Blackmailing" Variant Creeps Around…

Security experts warned of a new variation of a virus that encrypts files and then blackmails the user demanding money to decrypt affected files.


SPAMfighter News 2006/6/13

Anti-Spam Laws may not Solve the Problem

The past week saw Bulgaria introducing new laws to tackle the spam menace. The new laws are included in the E-Trade Act passed in the Parliament. All those


SPAMfighter News 2006/6/13

Yahoo Gets “Yam”med by a Worm

The email worm named Yamanner has gate-crashed its way into Yahoo mailboxes by bearing the headline "New Graphic Site." Unlike typical worm


SPAMfighter News - 2006/6/13

Spam Prevention Solutions

The term 'Spam' refers to the odious, unsolicited or junk incoming emails that


Security Pronews - 2006/6/13

Ransomware Virus Goes Ultra-Tech With RSA-330 Bit Encryption

This new Ransomware spreading wide and far in Russia, named, goes a step

... - 2006/6/13

Virus affects small fraction of Yahoo Mail users

Yahoo Inc, the world's largest provider of e-mail services, said on Monday that a software virus aimed at Yahoo Mail users had infected "a very small


MSN Money - 2006/6/13

Virus Spreads Data, Scandal Over Winny

TOKYO (AP) - A computer virus that targets the popular file-sharing program Winny isn't the most


SPAMfighter News 2006/6/12

Political Spam, The New Menace

The US Federal Election Commission approved the exemption of e-mail for political campaigning
purposes in March, 2006. With the mid-term elections


SPAMfighter News - 2006/6/12

Computer Virus Detection And Prevention

A computer virus is a self-replicating ...

SPAMfighter News 2006/6/10

Asia the new breeding ground for spam

The spam numbers coming out from Asia are pointing to a seismic shift in the spam landscape. Recent studies conclude that about two-thirds of all spam


SPAMfighter News 2006/6/10

Spam Scam Bags a Scottish Connection

Scammers have now started to rake up their victims list by sending a mail posing as an official
mail from Patricia Ferguson, Scotland's Minister for


SPAMfighter News - 2006/6/10

Securities Push Up A Must For Web Companies


The incredible success story of the Dot-com industry has sporadically been marred by security lapses. From the rubble of the


SPAMfighter News 2006/6/9

Surge in Spam attack

Research conducted by CipherTrust Inc. show that spam numbers recorded a huge growth of 20 percent during the month of May. Compromised computers or Zombies


Independent Online - Tania Broughton 2006/6/9

Man claims hackers planted sex images on PC

An Amanzimtoti man accused of possessing thousands of computerised child pornography images is expected to raise a technical defence - that he was a victim


Palm Beach Post - Bob Keefe 2006/6/9

Instant messaging becomes growing target for hackers

Instant messaging, the quicker-than-e-mail alternative for online communication, is moving rapidly from teenagers' bedrooms to mainstream America.


SPAMfighter News 2006/6/8

AOL’s decision to charge spam sparks off a debate

Time Warner Inc.'s AOL, the largest US Internet service provider has begun to exact a small fee for
ensuring delivery of certain types of bulk e-mail.


SPAMfighter News 2006/6/8

Combination of spam and spyware likely to pose threats

The combination of spam and spyware may soon pose challenges to Internet security. Mark Sunner, CTO of Message Labs warns of a possible convergence of


InformationWeek - Gregg Keizer 2006/6/8

Weird "Ghost Spam" Testing Addresses

A wave of strange e-mails with strings of numbers as their only message are most likely a spammer's or hacker's test of his mailing list, several security


SecurityFocus - Robert Lemos 2006/6/8

Researchers eye machines to analyze malware

The reverse engineer--better known amongst security researchers by his nom de plume, Halvar Flake-- created an automated system for classifying software

... - 2006/6/8

AOL offers free computer security check

AOL is offering a free downloadable tool that continuously checks the security status of a user's home computer.

The tool, called


SPAMfighter News 2006/6/7

Phishers Are Now Pharming for Greener Pastures

First they 'phished' and made a living out of it. Now the hackers and malware authors have taken up


InformationWeek - Gregg Keizer 2006/6/7

Microsoft Tackles Enterprise Messaging Security

Microsoft Tuesday launched a line of enterprise e-mail security products for its Exchange server software as the company's first venture into corporate


Vanguard - Emeka Aginam 2006/6/7

SPAM & virus still on the increase

SPAM or Virus-which one do you prefer ?With internet access in the hands of more users as a result of recent liberalization of Information Communications


SC Magazine - Ericka Chickowski 2006/6/7

Former spam king Pitylak now trying to earn firms' trust as anti ...

Just days after settling one suit with Microsoft and another by the Texas attorney


IT Directors - Robin Bloor 2006/6/6

IronPort & Spam, AVID: The Fix Time

I used to get irritated with spam, but no more. I became accustomed to it, just like I became accustomed to the obligatory but ineffectual security checks


PC Pro - 2006/6/6

Spam king sees the light

A spam king has settled a court case with Microsoft and the State of Texas and has agreed never to distribute spam emails again. In fact, he has started up


InformationWeek - Gregg Keizer 2006/6/6 Denies Macro Exploit A Problem, the open-source project that produces an alternative to Microsoft's Office suite, said it won't patch its software against a recently


Deseret News - James Derk 2006/6/6

Microsoft enters anti-virus market

The market for anti-virus software is about to get very interesting with the entry of Microsoft into


InformationWeek - Thomas Claburn 2006/6/5

Cash A Bond, Kill A Spam Message

Spam is what happens when users are unable to assert attention rights. spammers ...

eSchool News - 2006/6/5

Schools lose bid to spam filter

A telecommunications executive claims a Cobb County School District spam filter cost the district the chance to save $250,000 a year in telephone service. ...

Fairfield Minuteman - Chris Ciarmiello 2006/6/5

FBI, cops invetigate SHU computer breach

Three weeks after someone breached the security system of a computer containing the personal information of a total of 135,000 students, prospective students ... - 2006/6/5

Reitmans deploys security appliance to protect desktop users

Montreal-based Reitmans is using a Vital Security NG-5100 Web appliance from Finjan Inc. as a means to protect users from spyware. The appliance is


SPAMfighter News - 2006/6/5

The Spam Threat: Dangerous Tackles in World Cup Warm Ups

A few days from now, one of the world’s most anticipated and much loved sporting event will be kicked off in Germany. A large number of people around the


SPAMfighter News - 2006/6/5

Anti-Virus Software: New Venture for Microsoft

Is your PC connected to the Internet? Do you think the files stored in it are safe and secure? If so, then think again!


Malaysia Star - MEERA VIJAYAN 2006/6/4

UTM spent RM500,000 to fight virus attacks

The war against computer viruses does not come cheap. Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) has spent close to RM500,000 on cyber security protection. The


Apple Matters - Chris Seibold 2006/6/4

Microsoft, Your Helpful Uncle?

For readers in the US, Memorial Day 2006 is now a thing of the past. The day set aside to honor those who gave their lives in the service of the United


SPAMfighter News - 2006/6/3

Texan Spam Mailer Gets Shut Out

The State of Texas and Microsoft Corp. have pulled the curtain down on Ryan Samuel Pitylak, a 24-year-old University of Texas graduate, who was once one of


SPAMfighter News - 2006/6/3


Spam continues to rule the inboxes with a scalp of nearly 40% of all emails. Majority of the world's networks are protected by ...

SPAMfighter News 2006/6/2

ACMA Unleashes SpamMATTERS - the New Anti-Spam Button

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) have launched a system to fight spam, the most offensive four-letter word in cyberspace. The system, ...

Calcutta Telegraph - 2006/6/2

Virus holds PC to ransom

A virus that seizes control of personal computer files and demands ransom money from the owner has been unleashed on the Internet. Victims of a ...

KUTV - 2006/6/2

Annoying Anti-Virus Pop-ups

They appear like random viruses while you're working on your computer. They’re really from legitimate virus prevention companies, but they won't stay away.


SPAMfighter News - 2006/6/2

US Passes Baton to Asia in Spam Relay

A recent study done by Sophos, a based company specializing in integrated threat management solutions, reveals that is closing in on US when it comes to


Computerworld Australia - Sandra Rossi 2006/6/2

Catch me if you can - the spam battle

Spam has climbed back up the priority list for IT managers. But this isn't 2002 when spam first began clogging inboxes. Today, IT managers are cynical about ...

iMedia Connection - Isaac Scarborough 2006/6/2

The Status on Mobile Spam

About once a month, I get a SMS (text message) from a five-digit number asking me something like, "Would you like to receive great relevant offers from ... - Graeme Wearden 2006/6/2

Spam filter objects to building erection

An errant e-mail filter caused Rochdale Council to ignore an objection to a planning application because it contained the word "erection". Ray Kennedy of ...

Express Computers - 2006/6/2

A double helping of spam

Two years ago, Bill Gates proclaimed that spam would no longer be a problem in 2006. Too bad that didn’t happen. If your experience is anything like mine, you ...

Korea Times - Kim Tae-gyu 2006/6/2

Korea Ranks No. 3 Spam-Relaying Post

One in 10 spam e-mails worldwide came from South Korea in the first quarter of this


ACMA - 2006/6/1

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) have launched a system to fight spam

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) have launched a system to fight spam, the most offensive four-letter word in cyberspace. The system, ... - 2006/6/1

The Web: World Cup soccer spam hooligans

Nearly 12 times more viewers are expected to follow the World Cup on the Internet and TV than eyed the Super Bowl this winter, a spokesman for famed messaging ...

Register - Kelly Martin 2006/6/1

The time has come to ditch email

Back in 1972, by some accounts, a new form of communication known as email was born. It was a practical implementation of electronic messaging that was first ...

Technology Evangelist - 2006/6/1's New Blog Search Engine Offers Unique Blog Spam Fighting ...

One of the most annoying issues facing blog search engines today is blog spam. Unfortunately, it's relatively easy to create a new blog - or even thousands of ... - 2006/6/1

Ministry Of Public Security Arranges Computer Virus Investigation

The two agencies want to learn about the current state of China's Internet security and then use that information to educate the public about network

... - David Derbyshire 2006/6/1

Virus that holds your computer to ransom

A new virus that seizes control of personal computer files and demands ransom money