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July 2006 - Tom Young 2006/7/31

Database spam thief charged

A US man has been charged with stealing the membership database held at the American


The Register - John Leyden 2006/7/31

Stateside spam slaying stalls

US efforts to stop the nation serving as the world's top spam relaying nation are stalling.

For the first time in more than


TG Daily - Wolfgang Greuener 2006/7/31

Spammers use images to avoid spam filters

Security software firm Sophos has published an updated version of its "dirty dozen" list of spam relaying countries. Among the main trends during


The Seattle Times - Charles Bermant 2006/7/31

Personal Technology: Don't think too hard about it

I have what can only be described as a naive view of the e-mail ecosystem.

Why else would I so readily accept the idea that


MacWorld - Computing SA Staff 2006/7/31

US takes title as top spam-relaying nation in Q2

Sophos has published a report on the top twelve spam-relaying countries over the second quarter of 2006.

Experts at


Wireless Week - Susan Rush 2006/7/25

Verizon Wireless Settles Spam Suit

Verizon Wireless is claiming victory in a previously filed lawsuit against a telemarketer charged with sending unsolicited messages to its customers. The


CRN - Christopher Heun 2006/7/25

The State of Spam

If billions of spam messages travel throughout the Internet every day, but consumers see just a few of them in their inboxes, do they really exist?

iTWire - Stan Beer 2006/7/25

Internet spam cops threaten anti-spam vendor

Australian anti-spam vendor TotalBlock Pty Ltd has been threatened with a service


Breaking Business and Tec - Andy McCue 2006/7/25

UK Government Looks at Revising Flawed Anti-Spam Law

The UK government has admitted that it may be forced to strengthen the much-maligned


Phillipine News - Chin Wong 2006/7/25

Fight back against spam

WHETHER we need it or not, most of us have probably received tons of e-mail inviting


Computer World Malaysia - Computer World Malaysia 2006/7/25

Spam and the Enemy Within

Imagine how much time is wasted on spam. This translates to loss in productivity for companies. In addition, some of these unsolicited e-mail messages may


Tech News - United Press International 2006/7/25

Image Spam Grows to 20% of Spam

SAN BRUNO, CA, United States (UPI) -- E-mail spam that relies on images to make it difficult to filter now encompasses 21 percent of all spam, said IronPort


KRT Wire - Erika Engelhaupt 2006/7/14

Diet miracle from an African plant is a spam special

If you haven't heard of Hoodia yet, you must have a great spam filter on your e-mail.

The diet pill has been clogging

... - Lara Williams 2006/7/14

Car maker puts brake on spam

DaimlerChrysler UK expects a new email security system to cut IT operating costs by a quarter over the next three years.
The car manufacturer installed


WhatPC? - Martin Courtney 2006/7/14

How Long Can ISP's Ignore Spam?

Fraud and spam are the two great evils of the internet, so it would be reassuring to know that network operators and service providers are trying hard to

... - Nate Mook 2006/7/14

Microsoft Seeks to Stop Search Spam

Microsoft Research has embarked on a new project to automatically seek out search engine spam before it can be used to defraud advertisers on MSN, Yahoo and


SecurityProNews - Chris Crum 2006/7/13

More Deceptive Spam Spreads Trojan Horse

There is a new spam campaign going around, which pretends to be a breaking news story about the death of Russian President Vladimir Putin according to

... - image and data Manager online 2006/7/13

New Strain of Image Spam Identified

Content security vendor Marshal claims to have discovered a new form of image spam.

Marshal says the new type of image spam


infoZine - Kansas City infoZine 2006/7/13

Vladimir Putin Death Spam Helps Spread Trojan Horse

Experts at SophosLabs™, Sophos's global network of virus, spyware and spam analysis centers, have


Texarkana Gazette - Aaron Brand 2006/7/13

Electronic Phishing

If you checked your e-mail first thing Monday morning, chances are good that spam aplenty sat in the inbox, slyly hoping you'd click a link, fork over


creativematch - creativematch 2006/7/12

Spammers targeted by lobby groups

The London Internet Exchange (LINX) takes another step forward in its bid to can spammers who send more than 50 billion junk mails each day.


The Korea Times - Kim Tae-gyu 2006/7/12

Steps Taken to Curb Mobile Spam

In a measure aimed at stopping spammers, Korea's cell phone users will later this year be prohibited from sending more than 1,000 messages a day from their

... - Mike Slocombe 2006/7/11

Spam, Spim and Splog spins out of control

Steeenkin' spammers are increasingly turning their evil gaze in the direction of


PC Advisor - Jeremy Kirk 2006/7/11

Spam data to be shared by ISP's

A set of guidelines may pave the way for dozens of ISPs (internet service providers) to participate in a Cambridge University research project into the

... - Tom Young 2006/7/11

Spam ratios on the rise

Spam rates are rising while cyber threats such as viruses and phishing attacks are

... - Comtex Business Via Thomson Dialog NewsEdge 2006/7/7

UC-Berkeley e-mail users battle spam onslaught

Every day, University of California-Berkeley senior political science and history major Stephen Sanders gets about 150 spam e-mail messages in his CalMail


The Register - John Leyden 2006/7/7

Spam zombies give UK ISP's the fear

The potential disruption of service and risk posed by compromised, zombie PCs spewing


Security Pro News - Doug Caverly 2006/7/7

Spam shifts to IM, Blogs

Cybercriminals are diversifying, according to a new report from MessageLabs. Their data indicates that threats are being transmitted through less-common


ZDNet UK News - Tom Espiner 2006/7/7

Blog and Social Networking Spam Increases

More spammers are taking advantage of the latest communications methods, a mail

... - Simon Burns 2006/7/7

Hong Kong drafts first anti-spam law

Hong Kong is readying its first anti-spam laws, promising fines and long prison terms

... - Staff Writers, CRN 2006/7/7

RSA Identifies New Phishing Threat

´Security solutions provider RSA has issued a warning about a new phishing technique


Asia Times - Fred Stakelbeck 2006/7/5

The Chinese Spam Wars

If current trends continue, China will easily overtake the United States in the next few years as the spam (unsolicited commercial e-mail) capital of the


New York Times - Alex Mindlin 2006/7/5

Seems Somebody is Clicking on that Spam

Spam messages promoting pornography are 280 times as effective in getting recipients to click on them as messages advertising pharmacy drugs, which are the

... - Sophos 2006/7/5

Spammers resort to Cartoons in Latests Stock Pump-and-Dump Campaign

/ Experts at SophosLabs™, Sophos's global network of virus, spyware and spam analysis

... - Amy Storer 2006/7/5

Authentication Takes a Bite Out of Spam

SAN DIEGO -- Disguised as innocent offers to save 80% on discreet prescription shipments and opportunities to earn a genuine college diploma in two weeks,